Author’s Note on the Book

To write this book, I  relied on a number of different things:

  • my journals and diaries which I have kept since the first day I was admitted to hospital on 2 January 2007,
  • other blogs and social media posts during the past eight years
  • researched scientific and medical facts about my cancer, and;
  • my own recall of events during my treatment.

This is a story of being diagnosed with, surviving and living with a ‘not-so-well-known’ cancer called Multiple Myeloma. There are parts of this book that will not make for pleasant or easy reading but I want to be honest about the realities of what it’s like to go through such severe treatment and to live every day with the thoughts of dying young. There are parts of the book which will make you laugh, sometimes at the wrong times and in the wrong places, but that’s ok too.

I dedicate all my words and this book project to my wonderful family: the love of my life – Bryan and our two wonderful children Emma and Cathal.


18 March 2015



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