Musings – Homework for myself for the Summer of 2015

I am going to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life. You just have to decide whether you are a Tigger or an Eeyore.
Randy Pausch

In our house school is already out for our 18 year old and not just for the Summer but forever. She has officially finished her secondary school days and we now await the results of her State exams so she knows where she will be going for college.

For our 10 year old school is almost out for Summer as he has just four days left. As parents we have the worry now of how to make sure we keep our kids busy for Summer so as they don’t do much gaming and too little of the outdoor stuff.

Well a teacher in Italy has come up with a homework list for Summer – but this is homework with a difference because instead of giving the students essays to do or projects to complete, he has given them this list of 15 things to do. Here is the list:

1. Sometimes, in the morning, go take a walk along the seashore completely alone.
2. Try to use some of the new words we learned together this year.
3. Read as much as you possibly can.
4. Avoid things, situations and people who make you feel negative or empty.
5. If you feel sad or afraid, don’t worry.
6. Dance, shamelessly.
7. At least once, watch the sunrise.

summer 2
8. Play a lot of sports.
9. If you meet someone you find enchanting tell him or her as sincerely and gracefully as you can.
10. Review your notes from our class.
11. Be as happy as sunlight and as untamable as the sea.
12. Don’t swear.
13. Watch films with heartbreaking dialogue.
14. In sparkling sunlight or hot summer nights, dream about how your life could and should be.
15. Be good.

End of list

What a wonderfully simple idea. If anyone was able to do even half of these things over the Summer then I would imagine the richness and the rewards would be fabulous.

So I am setting myself the challenge of doing my own list of simple things over the Summer. Despite all I have been through with cancer, I still tend to forget the simple things so it is no harm to be reminded and to get refocused from time to time so as I can really keep sucking the marrow out of life!

So this is my Summer challenge to myself. I may have to amend the list as I don’t live near a beach etc but I am going for it……and I will add a few of my own…

I will let you know how I get on.

This weekend I might just begin with number 6.


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