Musings – I bring glad tidings of being longlisted

Good morning,

It’s Monday morning and I am sitting here with a large bandage on my left middle finger.

Bread knife 1 – Brenda 0

I was trying to slice a bagel yesterday when there was a slip, a gasp, and a lot of blood. It was my left hand so in that respect I can manage well with it but being in the office means I am doing a lot of typing and making an awful lot of ‘melling pistakes’, if you know what I mean.

Anyway enough about that. I dropped on here to bring you glad tidings about this very blog being LONGLISTED for the Blog Awards Ireland in the Health and Wellbeing Category. I am over the moon about it as it has been a real labour of love and a lot of the posts had me in tears as I was reliving the awfulness of that time.


Thank you all for reading and sharing my posts and to those who have taken the time to email me directly with comments or to use the comment option on here. It means a lot to me.

So the shortlist is announced this week. I have almost all my fingers crossed (couldn’t ask the sore finger to get involved in the crossing bit) that I will make it to the shortlist.

If you want to find out more about the Blog Awards Ireland you can check out their website and if you fancy being one of the judges then you can apply to do so as they are still looking for some categories to be covered.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks again.



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