Musings – I bring more glad tidings of this blog being shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland

I found out last night that this blog has made it onto the shortlist for the Blog Awards Ireland in the Health and Wellbeing category. There are some great blogs included on the shortlist so I am in very good company up there with them. Check out the complete list of shortlists here.

That makes it two hurdles I have jumped over so far in the Blog Awards process and there are a couple more to go if I am to have any chance of making it as a finalist. One of those hurdles involves me doing a bit of spring cleaning on the blog – things like spell checking and a bit of dusting here and there. The other hurdle involves the element of a public vote and that is where you, the readers, come in. From 7 September you will have a chance to vote for this blog. I am to be sent a VOTE BUTTON which I will add to the site and I will also add information on other voting options.

You will note a list and some check boxes below that the judges will have to complete for the finalist stage.

Judging Criteria for Finalist Stage

  • Is it written in an engaging, entertaining or informative style?

  • Is the blog easy to navigate?

  • Does the design compliment the writing and make it easy to read?

  • Spelling and grammar – will it make our judges weep or smile?

  • The Finalist list will be judged by an independent judging panel.

I would love to have your vote but for the moment you can stand easy. But, I shall be calling on you soon!



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