Musings – Blog Awards Finalist

“There are many reasons to celebrate, but National Mustard Day just isn’t one of them.”
Lily O’Brien

I bring even more glad tidings of not just good news, but great news that I have been selected as a finalist in the Blog Awards Ireland in the Health and Well being Category. The news came through last in a delicious email which read:

Hi Brenda,

Congratulations!!! Your blog “An Irish Girl Interrupted” has made it onto the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Finalist List!!! Your blog has been listed as a finalist in the Best Health and Wellbeing Blog Category !!!
We will officially announce the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Finalist list on The Blog Awards Ireland website later on tonight. We have also attached a link for ‘Finalist’ buttons below, that you can put on your blog to announce to your readers/subscribers that you have made it to the final stage of the competition.
What great news to receive! I am delighted to display my finalist button in several colours here.
Thanks to anyone and everyone who nominated me. My daughter Emma told me today that she did a secret nomination. How sweet.
So what happens now? Well on 22 October there will be an opportunity to get a new gúna (dress) and to go along to the awards’ night and meet all the others who have been longlisted, shortlisted and finalisted (is that even a word?).
Regardless of what happens I will still have this blog and I will still have readers so while I do want you to keep your fingers crossed for me on the night, I also, do not want you to be disappointed for us if we don’t win out on the night.
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read my book chapters and these musings of mine. Thanks for the kind comments and the wonderfully uplifting emails you have sent me.
There are more book chapters to come and you know me – there will be lots more musings too.
Fingers and toes crossed now for the 22nd.
If you want to find out who else has been placed on the lists of finalists you can read them here on the Blog Awards Ireland website.
Brenda xxxx

7 thoughts on “Musings – Blog Awards Finalist

  1. Congratulations and the best of luck. Your blog has been/is an inspiration to me living with myeloma
    (diagnosed Jan 2012)


  2. Huge Congratulations to you! So well deserved. The work that you have done is inspiring. Your blog totally puts things into perspective. My dad has been recently diagnosed this year at age 62 with Myeloma and your blog has really given the human side to his treatment ahead. Being a previous cancer patient myself (not even nearly as dangerous) emotionally, I have to say that sometimes for me it feels easier being the one with cancer and I think your blog shows both sides to the fight. Onwards and upwards from here xxx
    * The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey*
    – Sarah Fielding Nov 8th 1710-1768


    1. Thanks Siobhan. Hope you and your Dad are in good form and keeping well? I really appreciate your kind comments.

      Brenda X


  3. well deserved for your honesty and frankness. congratulations and good luck.


  4. Great Blog, really captivating.


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