Musings – Blog Awards Night 2015

Win or lose, we go shopping after the election.
Imelda Marcos

Q: What was the baby biscuit crying?
A: Because his mother was a wafer a long time! (get it? away for?)


I am so sorry that I have not posted for a while. I was out and about at the Blog Awards finals and I should have posted on here the minute they finished to tell you all how I got on. I was really thrilled to have made it on to the list of finalists. Sadly I did not win through on the night. But I am still here and I will continue to blog and sure there is always next year.

I don’t have many chapters left to share with you from my book so I am already planning the next writing project which has the working title of ‘175 Harold’s Cross Road’.

I will also keep sharing these MUSINGS posts as long as you keep reading them.

Back to the Blog Awards Night. It was a wonderful night of entertainment and meeting old and new friends. It was wonderful to bump into Darragh Doyle again – he was one of the MCs on the night. I was delighted to be introduced to viral vlogger Clisare too – she was other MC. I did not realise that she is a cousin of the lovely Luan Parle who was also at the awards and sure we decided to hang out together on the night.

The food and the liquid refreshments were delicious and the entertainment was sublime. We had a burlesque theme and we had the most divine burlesque acts which is kind of making me want to go to the Burlesque festival weekend in Dublin (google it). The music was techno/retro fabulous and it kept us all entertained in between the awards.

Blog awards 1

This Cinderella was driving so I had to forego the lovely drinks but I was content with my cola and water and the excellent company.

The style was rip roaring twenties and Burlesque and people had really gone all out in their efforts. My homage to the twenties was a very large string of pearls! I will do better next year.

So thanks to everyone involved in the Blog Awards for a job well done – in the judging and on the night of the awards. Thanks to everyone for the nominations and the votes. Most importantly thanks to you the reader – without you this blog and my story would have not taken wings. You have inspired me to keep going with this blogging thing and sure I might even give the place a lick of paint and some new curtains in the next few weeks. Keep reading and sharing.

I owe you …..

Brenda xxxx


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