The Choir – In Caelo

By Una Whitfield

I only sing in the shower. I would join a choir, but I don’t think my bathtub can hold that many people – Jarod Kintz

I finally did it. I joined a choir. It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. I used to sing in church and school choirs when I was younger but I have not been part of a formal group since then. I sing all the time – in the car, in the shower, in the kitchen and even at my desk. Sometimes I don’t even realise I am singing or humming. I adore music. I could not imagine a life without music.

I have acted as MC for a couple of concerts recently for this really wonderful choir called In Caelo. Caelo is the Latin word for Heaven so that must mean that In Caelo means ‘in heaven’.

I had posted a couple of times on my Facebook page that I would love to join a choir and the Musical Director for In Caelo commented and asked me to come and join up. I was nervous and put it off. I was dreading the idea of having to sing solo in front of everyone.

On 1 January I posted another note about joining a choir and I was given a time and venue for their first rehearsal of the new year and I went along. There are probably 50 or so people in the choir (I must ask how many) and we meet for rehearsals in our beautiful parish church.

I know some of the faces and voices from being their MC -most recently in December for their Community Carol Service.

There was no singing solo or auditioning. I was invited to sing the melody line and to join the sopranos. In to the seat I sat without so much as a sheet of paper or a musical note in front of me.

We were working on some new arrangements so sheets were passed around. We are also working on a brand new composition for a performance at Easter. It has been written for In Caelo by a local composer. It’s quite challenging and all we managed were the first two lines. It is a four-part harmony and from what we can hear, it is a stunning piece.

We sing every second Sunday in Saint Conleth’s Parish in Newbridge. I have my first Mass performance next Sunday. I am nervous and excited. It’s all very well to sing along in church but it is an entirely different feeling to be part of the choir.

Wish me luck.

B xxx






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