Musings – World Cancer Day 2016

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

Today is World Cancer Day. All across the world cancer organisations and people with cancer are doing their bit to raise the spirits of those with cancer and to also raise the stakes of those who have the power to change treatment, improve research and generally get us further along the road to a cure.

The Irish Cancer Society is using the hashtag #icanwecan to promote their work in the area of cancer research. They are asking all of us to remind the candidates as they canvass for the general election (taking place in Ireland on 26 February) to put funding for health and specifically for cancer research in their manifestos. This is all with a view to getting the funding to push us further down the road to a cure.

I listened to a radio interview today where the head of research in the Irish Cancer Society said that more and more people are living with rather than dying from cancer. He also said that many cancers are now seen as chronic illnesses to be managed and which we can live with. That is all good to hear.

But somewhere out there someone has the cure for cancer – someone has the cure for my cancer – Myeloma. I would dearly love them to find it in my lifetime. So please keep talking about cancer and treatment, please keep raising funds and please keep the pressure on our TDs and Ministers so as they support those who are working towards a cure.

Here’s my contribution for World Cancer Day. It’s a short video called ‘Hang in There’ which is aimed at those newly diagnosed and those still battling along with treatment.

There is life after cancer. Hang in there!






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