Welcome to my blog

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I published on this blog for the first time in 2015 and initially it was all about my cancer and making a space available online to share chapters of my book about my journey with an incurable cancer called Myeloma.

Over time my blog has come to be about much more than my cancer because my life is about more than my cancer. I hope that my experience of cancer and a cutting-edge stem cell transplant, might be of help to other patients facing into treatment and to their family members who are wondering if there is any kind of a life after a diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

You can read the book chapters of ‘An Irish Girl Interrupted’ here

I was surprised but honoured to be amongst the finalists in the Irish Blog Awards in 2015.

You can follow all the other memories I am making and the mischief I am managing with my kids in Musings.

I joined a choir for the first time in my adult life in January of this year. You can find out how I am getting on with that in The Choir section of the blog here

Check out the About Me page to find out more about me and if you want to contact me you can email anirishgirlinterrupted@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @BrendaDrumm

Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to read!


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