A Mother’s Prayer for a child doing exams

I know that you have worked hard and studied

I know that one final exam can seem unfair
to show the sum of your worth.

I know that you are nervous
I can sense it,
even behind your smile and assurances that you are ok.

I know that you are tired and that
words are blurring on the page,
so sometimes a break from the books
is the best thing to do.

I know that you are doubtful
of finishing long papers in time.

I know that you are hopeful
for favourite poems coming up.

I know that you are ready.
I have watched you for six long years.

I know that the hard part is waiting
for the first exam to start.

So, I am praying for the nerves to settled
as soon as you pick up your pen.

I am praying for the answers t come to you
as soon as you see the question.

I am praying for Plath and McCarthy
as topics in English and History.

I am praying for enough time for you
to get it all down on paper.

I am praying for strength and endurance
to get through the next few days.

I pray that you talents will shine through
and that your words and efforts will
inspire generosity in the examiner.

I pray for perspective
for the knowledge that in the long run
this won’t be what defines you in the world.

I pray for gentle and untroubled sleep
for you on the nights before your exams.

I pray that you will always know
how much you are loved, cherished
and valued in our family and in the wider world.

I pray that you will have faith that all will be well.


Mother's Prayer for Child Doing Exams

Written for my daughter Emma as she prepared for her State examinations last Summer. It’s a tough and challenging time so hang in there. All will be well.



1 thought on “A Mother’s Prayer for a child doing exams

  1. My Prayer for my daughter to the almighty divine soul with all the best blessings from our beloved & dear onces , all the blessings are showering , radiating on my daughter now with full of divine infinite knowledge , its all-wise , it knows all thing, divine infinite knowledge is now expressed through my daughter and she is blessed to do well, whatever she read is very precisely present before her more accurately and her memory is now sharp and very rapidly the answers are flowing in her mind on to the exam paper she is now presenting. Now there is a cool and calm atmosphere, she feels the meditative stage and she is now divinely guided to do the exam and utmost care and confident. Since she is the blessed soul come to this divine mother earth to express her gratitude and all her infinite talent will arise through this exam writing skill she possess.

    All the divine bless is showering and her divine intellect is activated.

    Thanks Thanks to this mother earth and to all the divine presence & blessings.


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